Mauritius Weather and Climate, Mauritius

Mauritius Weather and Climate

Mauritius is a tropical island, which means there is superb weather most of the year. During the winter months, which are May to October, the temperature fluctuates from 20°C to about 26°C. The summer months which are November to April, the temperatures varies between 26°C to 32°C, this means that the water temperatures are excellent and can reach up to 28°C. The humidity is the highest between December and April with a breeze on the coastal line.  Mauritius has only two seasons with negligible difference between them, making Mauritius an ideal year round destination.

Mauritius has a micro-climate: which means you can experience heavy rain where you are and just a few meters down the road the sun is shining and the sky is crystal clear. January and March can be considered cyclone season, with strong winds and heavy rain. A cyclone can last up to four days.





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